The easiest way to find keywords that are easy to rank and drive your traffic through the roof!

Plus get access to super-valuable keyword metrics for which other companies are charging hundreds of dollars monthly.

Find thousands of laser targeted keywords for your niche.
Isolate "low-effort" keyword that are easy to rank and have enough traffic to make a big dent
Get access to super-secret keyword metrics that costs hundreds of dollars per month.
Unlimited keyword searches, suggestions and exports (no other tool allows this)
Commercial use license: sell your reports to make money.

What is InstaKeywords?

Instakeyword is a keyword research tool that gives you hundreds of keyword suggestions with valuable keyword data like keyword's search volume, searches trends, Cost per click (CPC), competition score, etc. 

Super simple to use

No manuals to read, nothing to learn. Just type any keyword and let InstaKeywords handle the rest

Works with any niche

From dog training to video marketing, InstaKeywords will work with any niche and give you hundreds of suggestions.

Unlimited Searches

Most keyword tools charge you monthly and are severely crippled in their usage. InstaKeywords is the only truly unlimited tool.

Unlimited Exports

Export your results as CSV file that you can import into Excel, Google planner, etc to get the most out of your data. No restrictions on how many times you can do it.

What's the point of doing SEO if you aren't targeting the right keywords?

No wonder people spend an average of $80 / month on keyword research tools

Quickly and easily find hundreds of laser targeted keywords for your niche.
Finding the right keyword can mean a difference between 10 clicks and 10,000 clicks.
Find low hanging fruits which are easy to optimize but have enough traffic to make a difference.
Export keywords into any software that support CSV and save time copy-pasting.
No need to download or install anything. It works right inside your browser.
Lightning fast results. See keyword suggestions instantly (instead of waiting for emails)

Easiest way to get more leads and increase traffic to your website

Quick or detailed searches

Two modes of keyword research: Quick or Detailed.
If you need just some basic keyword ideas then Quick keyword research mode will return 100+ keywords in less than 5 seconds.

On the other hand with Detailed keyword research you can generate thousands of targeted keywords for your niche.

Detailed keyword metrics

Basic keyword research tools only show you keywords without data because acquiring it can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars.

That's why keyword tools that do offer this feature generally start from at least $79 / month. And they too have restrictions on how many searches you can make in a month.

Instakeywords is the only keyword research tool that gives you unlimited keyword metrics data including keyword's search volume, search trends, Cost per click (CPC), competition score, etc.

3x more keyword suggestions

It gives you 3 times more keywords: most keyword suggestion tools.

Most popular keyword tools create suggestions by only adding letters to the base term. InstaKeywords on the other hand inserts letters after every word which literally multiplies the number of search results and reveals the truly hidden gems.

Export results as MS Excel file

Export keywords into any software that support CSV or Excel and save your precious time instead of copy-pasting.

A lot of very expensive keyword research tools put crippling restrictions on the number of exports you can do in a month because they are afraid that someone will steal their data this way.

InstaKeywords does put any such limitations on you.

You are free to export as many times as you want and sell this data too if you like.

Works everywhere including laptop and mobile

No apps to download. No messy installations or downloads.

It runs everywhere on all desktops and operating systems including mobile devices like phones and tables (android and iOS).

Just open up your browser and start using it. It's that easy!

Make money by selling your keyword research!

Unlimited commercial usage license included.

Did you know that freelancers charge anything from $50 to $250 for doing simple keyword research. That is because most people can't afford to buy expensive keyword research tools that cost hundreds of dollars monthly.

Here is a screenshot showing some actual gigs from fiverr where people are making anything from $50 to $250 for just doing that. By the way.. here is an idea! Now that you too are a pro thumbnail designer with InstaKeywords, why not post your own gig like these guys? Just think… if you sell each thumbnail for $5 a pop, with just 3 sales a day, you’re already clearing Up To $450 a month.

Here is my exact method to find easy to rank keywords that drive your traffic through the roof!

My name is San Kumar and I'm a marketer just like you.

Few years ago a friend taught me a SEO keyword research method to find easy to rank keywords that drive your traffic through the roof! 
Unfortunately learning that method was much easier said than done. 

It took a lot of trial and error but I started seeing results after a few weeks. After refining my own version of his method a few times I finally came up with a system using which I was able to discover dozens of "low-effort" keywords that were not only easy to rank but bring me tens and hundreds of leads from Google everyday.

And I'm gonna teach you that exact method right here and how I created a system to get thousands of new leads to my site every month.

But let's start with the basics. The first thing you need in SEO is to do proper keyword research. A lot of people make the #1 rookie mistake here: they go after the big money keywords directly. Don't ever do that. Unless you are a big company with a $100,000 SEO budget you won't get anywhere.

Let the big companies with big budgets fight over those keywords. For you and me, here is the trick. You go after the easy to rank keywords with decent amounts of traffic. 

Yes ranking for a keyword with 10 leads, or 50 leads or even 100 leads doesn't sound that exciting but think about this for a second.. what if you rank 10 keywords that bring you 100 leads every month.. soon you're getting 1,000 new leads every month and it delivers leads to you on autopilot for years and years to come!

But here is the catch: how do you find such keywords that are easy to rank yet have good traffic? You use a keyword research tool. 

Unfortunately all keyword research tools that offer search volume metrics are super-duper expensive and they incur a monthly running cost. It's okay if you have hundreds of dollars in SEO budget but for small businesses it can be quite a strain. 

At this time of writing the most popular keyword research tool that gives these metrics starts at $79 / mo. Not unaffordable but not very cheap either. There are free alternatives but they severely crippled and mostly try to force you into buying them as soon as you get to the meat.

This is why I created InstaKeywords. An affordable keyword research tool that helps you find easy-to-rank keywords with good traffic. 

While creating InstaKeywords my top priorities were:
It should be affordable: it shouldn't be a burden for small business owners.
Unrestricted use: I hate crippleware because it keeps you from getting results. If it says unlimited it should be unlimited. No exceptions.
Should work with other software: I hate wasting precious time doing copy-paste and manual labor. It was important that you should be able to export results as many times as you like.
You should be able to use it anyway you like: Want to make an extra income doing keyword research for other people? Why not! We give you a full commercial use license.
It should work everywhere: InstaKeywords is a cloud based software so it works everywhere including Windows, Mac, Linux and not only that it even works on mobile phones and ipads. This is a must have feature for digital nomads like me who want to work from anywhere.

InstaKeywords vs Other Keyword Research Tools

InstaKeywords makes keyword research affordable for everyone. We do not cripple your search results or put unnecessary restrictions on what you can do.

Features InstaKeywords Alternative
Unlimited search per month 100% Limited results
Keyword metrics data 100% Costly
Total search volume Included min $59 / mo
CPC data for ad targeting Yes Extra cost
Competition analysis Yes No
Unlimited export to Excel Yes No
Detailed search with 1000+ suggestions 3 X Costs extra
Works everywhere including mobile Yes Mostly

What customers are saying about InstaKeywords!

From bloggers to small business owners everyone has had amazing results with InstaKeywords.

I’ve found 4 keywords on InstaKeywords that are now ranking on first page of Google in top 3 spots I’m generating almost 20 new leads everyday from these keywords.
Mike T. Milton
I wanted an SEO consultant for my blog but these guys wanted thousands of dollars. So I decided to learn SEO myself and InstaKeywords has been super help to me in finding the right keywords.
Dean Deason
InstaKeywords is quite easy to use and gets the job done quickly. I really love the competition analysis feature because it saves me a lot of time and effort in doing my keyword research.
Ivan Monzon

Take action now!

The only way I can keep it affordable for everyone is by restricting the number of members. So after this deal ends, this page will be removed.

100% money back guarantee

This guarantee gives you 14 days to test drive InstaKeyword and see if it’s right for you.

If you don't like the software for whatever reason, I'll give you ALL your money back with our 100% money back guarantee. 
I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked. 

The point is — I know this works. I’ve used it, I’ve seen the results, and I KNOW it can work for you.

Just give it a shot, and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Cloud-Based software?

Yes, it is a cloud based solution.

Everything is hosted on our servers, nothing to download or install.

You can use our software from your desktop PC, Apple or even from your smartphone.

Do I get free updates for InstaKeyword?

YES! You get 100% free auto updates.

Whenever a new update is out, since everything is stored in the cloud, you will instantly be upgraded.

You don’t need to worry about checking manually for updates, everything is done 100% automatically, hassle free.

Do I need any other software?

No, you get everything you need to do keyword research.

You will of course need to create content to rank these keywords. For that I have a special bonus that I will send you after purchase.

When Can I start getting results?

From my own experience I have seen my keywords generate new leads and traffic in less than a week (but results may vary).

The idea is to find decent traffic keywords with 100+ traffic with low competition score (InstaKeywords shows you this)

Can I sell these my keyword research?

Yes, you can. If you buy InstaKeywords right now during our launch sale.

After this sale ends, you will no longer be able to purchase it.

What happens if I miss out on This Deal?

The only way I can keep it affordable for everyone is by restricting the number of members.

So after this deal ends, this page and order button will be removed.